1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Describe your organization from the view point of your target audience
  3. Please provide at least 3 example websites (that we may benchmark is some degree) along with a note as to which features you would like to benchmark from them (like a photo, a color scheme, how a form works, how a movie portrays the business, a certain area or an animation).

  4. Themes
  5. Define the goal of the website
  6. Outline your website's pages
  7. Would you like your website to have a blog?
  8. Please provide a vector copy of your logo (or the best available copy of your logo)
  9. Please provide the content that will go on each page (text, pictures, and videos).
    If you would like to use stock photos, please provide the image number for any desired stock photos on (so we may acquire them for you with our account).
    If you would like to include video, please provide a YouTube or Vimeo link for each video.

Other Questions

  • How many users visit your current site?
  • What kind of browser support will be necessary?