Search Engine Optimization

Your website should be optimized with the keywords your target audience uses when searching for someone like you. All sites are ranked by search engines in categories like relevance and quality in order to determine where a site shows up on the list of search results. employs experienced marketing professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to improve a site’s ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. Check out some of our marketing services below.

High Quality Content

Google has expressed its current algorithm and future updates are working to bring high quality websites to the top of its search results. Google has shared their vision on what a high quality website will include. To make your website shine it needs to be developed with clean code and excellent content. Google wants to place only the best websites on top. To ensure your site is part of the elite few, your website needs to be a desirable destination. By building a quality website, you are essentially making a website that should score well with Google. To achieve a worthwhile ranking, your site needs to include high quality, relevant content. can help you create remarkable content. The content we create can be used for many purposes. You could start by placing the content on your website and then use a modified version for your eletter, blog and social media.

Backward Links

When your content is fantastic people will quote you, link to your page, and share your words with others. When someone links to your content it is called a backward link.

A backward link is a link from another site to your site. Search engines use these links to determine the popularity ranking of your website. A link to your site counts as a vote for your site's popularity on behalf of the linking website. One backward link is not necessarily worth the same as another. The value of a backward link is determined by the popularity score of the site linking to you. can help you develop a strategy for growing the number of backward links to your site. The best strategy to get backward links is centered around writing desirable content which is meaninful enough for people to link to you as you become the best destination for topical content on the internet.

Content Services

Content is the most important part of your website. A great domain name and a modern design help, but what your site says will have the greatest influence on your audience. The more useful and interesting the content is on a website the more successful it will be. And if you regularly update and grow the site content people will want to visit again and again. Crafting excellent content includes using quality text, photos, videos and graphic design elements to communicate a clear message. can work with you to craft a content creation plan and content calendar. The content creation plan will help determine which topics need to be written about and the content calendar will provide a road map for when content should be published. can write content for your website ensuring your site remains fresh with new articles for your audience.

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Email Marketing

The best way to keep customers, sell products or receive donations is to build a relationship with customers over time. Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective tool and, when used properly, can assist you in building solid relationships with your customer base.

ELetter Design employs experienced graphic designers who can design a custom eletter to match your marketing materials. Your marketing plan and online strategy should direct what your eletter looks like and the message you are working to convey through content and design. Custom designed emails with your logo, pictures, layout and content will inspire loyalty and familiarity with your organization which are key aspects of building relationships with your audience.

Email Strategy

What is your strategy for your eletter title? When is the best time to send it? Who should the email be from? How can I get people to read it?'s development process involves placing your content in the right areas, as well as using strategies, such as time of day, and creative titles to increase the likelyhood people will open your emails.

Campaign Monitoring

Constant Contact includes a great way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. The statistics provided include:

  • Number of people who opened the message
  • Number of people who followed links in the message
  • Which links were clicked the most
  • Number of people who forwarded the message

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