Virus Protection

One of the biggest digital headaches for home users and businesses alike are email viruses. Viruses cause untold amounts of damage resulting in lost data and time. Modern email viruses don't even need to be clicked on to be activated; just viewing the email is sometimes enough to trigger an intrusion.

Heluna does away with these dangerous messages by immediately rejecting any email sent to you containing a virus. Heluna's antivirus filters are also constantly being updated, so that you are protected from new threats before you even know they exist.

Each incoming email is scanned against a database of virus signatures. If the message matches a signature it indicates a virus is present and that email is silently discarded. The Heluna antivirus software is configured and updated automatically keeping your email virus free!

Rapid Updates

Updates of the Heluna antivirus database happen hourly, to ensure that new viruses are stopped before they spread to your domain. Even though overall email virus activity online may be decreasing, vigilance is still necessary to keep your organization safe.

Compliments Your Antivirus Solution

Heluna is a purely cloud based solution and will not conflict with any other security solutions your organization has deployed.