Identity Protection

One of the most prevalent email threats is "phishing". Phishing is an attempt to impersonate reputable businesses, such as your bank, or online retailer, in an attempt to get your personal information. With convincing email messages, criminals are able to defraud people into sharing personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account information, usernames and passwords.

These fraudulent messages are extremely difficult for some people to recognize, but they all have one very simple flaw: they aren't being sent by the companies they are trying to impersonate. By exploiting this weakness, the Heluna anti-phishing filters are able to easily pick out phishing attempts. These messages get treated the same way as viruses and are immediately rejected.

Heluna verifies that the originating email server is owned by the domain sending you email; if it is not, the message gets treated like a message that is definitely spam.

Well-known Fraud and Scam Prevention

In addition to preventing phishing attempts, Heluna also filters out such emails as Nigerian 419 scams, lottery ticket scams, and other high-profile fraudulent emails. Email destined for your domain that matches certain parameters which point to a fraudulent message get automatically filtered as definitely spam.

Dictionary Attack Prevention

Many phishers and spammers simply attempt to send email to commonly used addresses at your domain (e.g. "[email protected]" or "[email protected]") within a very short amount of time. This is known as a dictionary attack, and Heluna helps prevent these attacks against your email servers by caching a list of valid addresses for your domain. Once a phisher or spammer tries to send email to a few invalid addresses, their email connection speed gets throttled to a snail's pace, so many spam mailers simply disconnect.

Timely Antiphishing Updates

The antiphishing filters are updated hourly ensuring your users are protected against newly identified threats in a timely manner.

Heluna packages start at $5 a month and cover all email accounts on your domain. Contact to get started.